Category: Projects

BOM Showcase 2020 Project


My last project was developed during the fall of 2019. This project consist in the development of an implementation plan for the BOM Showcase 2020. For this project BCIT asked to create a complete plan, easy to execute, but that also meets the professional industry requirements. Many tools as Surveys, Kano Analysis, FMEA where used ….  Read More

Truck Company Project


During the Spring of 2019 I worked with a Truck Company as a consultant. This company problem was related with their tracking damage system, and the high cost that they were paying on reparations. For this project we applied the CDCI method that is focus on design a new process. The project was a success, ….  Read More

Bicycle Contamination Project


During the winter of 2019 I worked for a company that provides bicycles components as a consultant. The goal of this project was to solve a contamination problem. The approach that my team took to solve the contamination problem was a PDCA (Plan, Do Check, Act) , which is a solving method problem that focus ….  Read More