About Me


My name is Andres Zambrano. I am from Venezuela. I moved to Vancouver, Canada two years ago. I am fluent Spanish and English speaker, and strongly motivated to work in teams. I really enjoy watch and play sports, basketball and football/soccer are my favorite ones.

Currently, I am a Business Operations Management Student at BCIT. I will graduate of BCIT Operations Management Program in May 2020.

In BCIT I successfully completed eight different team projects on topics related to supply chain, logistics, and operations management. I studied about JIT manufacturing and channel coordination. I took courses in process improvement, supply chain demand, accounting, communications and process analysis. I feel comfortable using Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint. I enjoy learning new skills and taking challenges.

I have learned how to work under pressure, with people, and multitask.
I have worked in the service industry as a busser and cashier part-time employee. The jobs help me to learn how to work in teams and to solve unexpected situations between people.